Even appellate attorneys need a break.
Friday, December 28, 2007 at 2:50PM
Donna Bader in Blogroll
Since I started writing this blog, I have tried to offer trial attorneys suggestions on how they might protect their cases in the event of an appeal. Thinking and writing are really exhausting activities! Then the Holiday season started and I noticed that my enthusiasm dimmed as each new film was released for my consideration (as well as that of the Academy). Social events took priority and I thought it was more important that I remind my friends and family of how important they are to me. I also noticed that others were doing the same thing. Somehow work slipped to the back burner and no one seemed to be interested in lively exchanges about the trend in punitive damages or the latest legislation dealing with arbitrations and class actions.

After giving it considerable thought, it seemed to me that the most prudent thing to do was to stop thinking during this Holiday season and enjoy life. For those of you who have the opportunity, don't miss No Country for Old Men and Sweeney Todd (avert your eyes when Sweeney starts to shave his customers). Buy your loved ones plenty of presents but also remember to give generously of your time. Give a few bucks to your favorite charity and the homeless person on the corner. Stop thinking about the things you have to do at the office and immerse yourself in the Holiday season.

I haven't forgotten you. I just need a break to recharge my brain. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
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