Articles and Publications

"Why Can't We All be Civil?," Advocate, December 2013

"An Afternoon with Former Justice Carlos Moreno," Advocate, August 2013

"DOMA and Proposition Struck Down: What Does It Mean for Lawyers?," Advocate, August 2013

"When a Dog is More than Chattel," Plaintiff, May 2013

"Hey!  You Better Not Hurt Man's Best Friend, Advocate, March 2013

"Painting a Picture at Trial for the Court of Appeal," Advocate, December 2012

"Cuba: One Lawyer's Perspective," Gavel, Summer 2012

"Cuba:  One Lawyer's Perspective," Advocate, May 2012

Reid v. Google: Two Big Questions Unanswered,” Advocate, December 2010

“Prop. 19:  The Legal Issues of Legalizing Marijuana,” Advocate and Plaintiff, October 2010

“Another Perspective:  How do Women Impact the Extinction of the Trial Lawyer?”, Plaintiff,March  2010

“Book Review:  Law and Motion Model Forms, Plaintiff, February 2010

“Lawyers at Midlife,” Advocate, January 2010

“Understanding Standards of Review,” Advocate, December 2009

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Working with Juries:  Can You Go Too Far?” Plaintiff, Vol. 1, No. 3, October 2007

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