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A smorgasbord of tips from my new book, An Appeal to Reason.

      Early this October, I was invited to speak at the 2012 Belli Seminar organized by the Santa Clara Trial Lawyers Association.  What an event!  I was flattered to share the stage with some top-notch trial lawyers, including John Burris, Rick Simons, Alejandro Blanco, Jeff Mitchell, Niall McCarthy, and Lawrance Bohm.   These attorneys gave us an inside look at their trial strategy.  My goal for that event was to give the audience some solid tips on how to work with an appellate attorney to protect the record in the event of an appeal.  I picked ten tips from my book, An Appeal to Reason:  204 Strategic Tools to Help You Win Your Appeal at Trial.  Don't worry, I have plenty left!  Just to give you a taste of my "tools" for winning appeals, I want to share a few moments from that event.  Enjoy!