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BMW Does it Again!

Last year I wrote about my problems with BMW, particularly the passenger-side airbag. I was concerned because I didn't see how I could invite people to join me in my 2005 330ic, knowing that it could cause death in any impact where the airbag ruptures. I had a problem structuring such an invitation while at the same time giving people fair warning that the airbag might make mincemeat out of them.

I agonized for months, but finally, finally, the problem was fixed. Or so I thought. Then I received notice several months ago that the driver's side air bag was defective. Why didn't I think of that? If Takata made both bags and one is defective, doesn't it sound reasonable the driver's air bag would also be defective? Sometimes you just want to hit yourself in the head.
But now I have more problems. Before I was concerned about driving around with my then 89-year-old mother. Now she is 90. If you think she has gotten easier to cart around, you are crazy. She hasn't survived this long by driving around in death-traps. So, I worry about that.  My boyfriend drives the BMW most of the time and he is a cancer survivor with 10 stents under his belt (or in his heart).  We have come so far in keeping him alive and now I have him driving a death-trap.  Fine woman I am!
So, I wrote BMW about my fears and anxieties over these problems.  I simply asked how long it would take to accomplish the repairs. I even contemplated buying a new car. They responded right away, asking for more information. OMG, was I in luck?
No, they wrote back "At this time, we are not able to provide you with a time-frame as to when parts may become available." Then Customer Relations wrote "We are truly sorry for any inconvenience should your vehicle be affected." Finally, it was signed "Sincerely" with a tiny smidgen of an ad for the BMW 2 series. So, let me guess, by writing they are "truly sorry," rather than just "sorry," I should realize that BMW really does care. And what about "sincerely" instead of "very truly yours." They really do care!  NOT!
As corporations get bigger and bigger, we may feel like we are small insects that they can't be concerned with. If you are dissatisfied with their treatment of you, where do you go? To another big corporation that will gladly take your money and ignore your complaints. Death by airbag may be a small risk, but it is a risk nonetheless. BMW should be doing more to take care of its customers.