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My New Book – How to Find and Keep a Good Attorney - is Out!

For many months I have been working on a new book, How to Find and Keep a Good Lawyer, which I decided to release through Bench Press Publishing as a mini-ebook. I also decided to release the book first through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing platform. You can now purchase the book exclusively through Amazon by following this link:  
Why did I write this book? My main area of specialty is that of an appellate attorney, which means that I often get involved at the tail end of a case, not its beginning. So, it is unlikely that the book would produce many new clients for me. 
Basically, here is why I wrote this book:  as an appellate attorney, I am often consulted once the case has been tried. That means the client has already used and relied on the services of a trial lawyer. But my job requires me to analyze what happened at the trial below. Mistakes are often made by everybody and some do not justify reversal of the trial court’s judgment. Some of those mistakes involve choices of strategy and can’t be addressed by an appeal. 
What I observed and heard from clients after over 38 years of experience is how their trial attorney handled their case. Most people are aware that going to trial is not a “sure thing” and they take their chances. But they want a fair chance or a trial on the merits. Sometimes that doesn’t happen because of their choice of attorneys and the choices or strategy the attorney employs. So, the choice of an attorney is of fundamental importance (and we all understand that after watching People v. O.J. Simpson) and can seriously affect a litigant’s chances of success.