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Find a good lawyer, get through it as quickly as possible, and then avoid litigation like the plague

Several years ago, I wrote an e-book, How to Find and Keep a Good Attorney.  It was written in response to questions I received from people who were searching for a good lawyer or were having problems with their current one.  Based on the dissatisfaction of so many people, I thought my new book (my third!) would fly off the shelves.  (Of course, I meant this literally as e-books are not on physical shelves and do not fly anywhere.)  Based on the price of $4.49, I estimated it would take me a lifetime to accumulate enough royalties to buy a good chicken dinner.  (I suppose steak dinner sounds more expensive, but I am concerned about the effects of cows on our environment.)

I've decided that I do not need to become rich through royalties and I am going to offer my book for free to the public.  Yes, that means you. In the long run, I think it is more important to get the word out and perhaps save a few people some grief in dealing with the legal profession.
So, here it is.  Download it and enjoy.  Learn.  Even pass it on.  But don't try to get a refund!  And best of luck.  As I've often said, litigation is an endurance sport.  It can ruin your health, and maybe even your marriage.  It will definitely put a dent in your bank account.  Find a good lawyer, get through it as quickly as possible, and then avoid litigation like the plague.  Your head and heart will thank you for it.